The following items can be shipped to the continental U.S., but packing and shipping is in addition to the price of the item. If you purchase an item from the List of Major Equipment, the delivery of these items can be included in that transportation fee for no additional cost.

CC-01: COAX JUMPER 1: PL-259s, approximately 5′, Cable stencil says “5V-2D, Shenko Densen, no other markings, but RG-58 PL-259 fits, PRICE $1

CC-02: COAX JUMPER 2: 1 PL-259, 1 true silver BNC male. IT&T Federal Cable, AN Type RG-58/U, approximately 6′. PRICE $1

CC-03: COAX CABLE 3: PL-259s, RG-58 size, stencil says, “3D-2V Nihon Koshuha”, approximately 18′. PRICE $2

CC-04: COAX JUMPER 4: PL-259s, RG-58 type, but no stencel, PL-259 on one end, true silver PL-259 on other end, approximately 5′: PRICE $1

CC-05: COAX JUMBER 5. RG-58 type, approximately 3′, PL-259 on one end, BNC male on the other end. PRICE $1

CC-06: TWIN-LEAD, used, approximately 20′, good electrical condition. PRICE $1

CC-07: HELIAX-TYPE JUMPER, RG-58 sized, but extremely stiff, Stenciled as: “RFX Celluflex SCF 14-50J D 03553 0909 X 1768M”. RCA jacks on both ends. approximately 2′. PRICE $1

CC-08: DUAL AUDIO JUMPER, two-conductor, red and white RCA jacks on both ends. 6′, Two available, specify quantity when ordering. PRICE $2

CC-09: SIX CONDUCTOR CABLE With 6-pole Plastic Connector on one end, 11 pin receptacle on the other (similar to connections to tube gear — See photos). 9′ length. PRICE $5

CC-10: BANANA PLUGS TO BNC ADAPTERS: Three male, one female. Specify when ordering. PRICE $1 each, or all four for $3.

CC-11: STD 120VAC SHORT EXTENSION CORDS, Very short, standard male to female 120 VAC extension cords, 16 gauge, three-prong. 10-inches long. PRICE $2 each or all three for $5. Specify quantity when ordering.

CC-12: 220VAC SHORT EXTENSION CORD: Homebrew, three-conductor male to female, 3′ Romex 10 gauge, heavy-duty, twist-lok connectors.

CC-13: 10-PIN MALE CHASSIS CONNECTORS — see photo — generally used for power and accessory control on vintage tube-type radio equipment. Seven available. Specify quantity when ordering. Each comes with unattached brackets to permit screwing to radio or accessory (see photo here). PRICE: $1 each.

CC14: 10-PIN CONNECTORS WITH BRACKETS Same as CC-13 but with attachment brackets already attached. Three available. Specify quantity when ordering. PRICE: $1 each.

CC-15: 10-PIN FEMALE CHASSIS RECEPTACLE, comes with brackets already installed to permit screwing to male plugs CC-13 above. See photo. Two available, specify quantity when ordering. PRICE: $1 each.

CC-16: 10-PIN MALE PLUGS — similar to CC-13 above but for installation on wire end instead of chassis mount. See photo. Two available. Specify quantity when ordering. PRICE: $1 each

CC-17: 120VAC 3-PRONG DESKTOP “OUTLET” receptable (see photo). Only 1 available. Appears to be intended for Romex-type cable rather than round cord. Only 1 available. PRICE: $1